16 December 2011

2011-12 Title VI

Again this year, under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), Iowa was allocated funds to support the development of statewide assessment systems in a way that would enable the requirements of the Act to be met. Since assessment systems reside at the local level, it is appropriate that a majority of these funds are distributed to public school districts. These funds are meant to provide support for local district assessment systems.

The DE will allocate funds to public school districts based on a per-pupil (K-12) amount of $6.50 to support efforts to enhance your district-wide assessment system while meeting the expectations of NCLB. These funds will be able to be used for LEA activities directed toward meeting
state and federal assessment, accountability, and reporting requirements. The intent is that these funds are to be used to supplement or enhance your current assessment system, not to supplant funds currently allocated.
Allowable activities include personnel (time), supplies, and equipment directly related to:
• Developing assessments for district reading, mathematics, and science standards;
• Aligning district-wide assessments to local standards and benchmarks;
• Purchase of off-the-shelf assessments used to measure standards;
• Scoring of district-wide assessments;
• Analysis and reporting of assessment data;
• Professional development related to implementation of district-wide assessments; and
costs associated with management of the district-wide assessment system.

FCSD will utilize Title VI funds to cover teacher release time and hire testers.  During this time, teachers will collectively score common assessments, develop common benchmark assessments, and align current assessment objectives to the Iowa Core.  In addition, Title VI funds will be used to pay for the programming associated with the development and publication of standards-based report cards at the elementary level. 

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