19 December 2011


...from the Iowa Department of Education Website:

What is it?
Efforts are underway to streamline the collection process of reports, data and progress for districts and schools. This streamlining process will be titled the Consolidated Plan or C-plan for short. The hope is that the C-Plan will be an ongoing or living document for districts/schools to use locally and not just for reporting and compliance to the DE.

Why is it needed?
Currently, LEAs are required to complete 10-15 reporting plans and there is much overlap in the requested information between these plans. Consolidation of these plans will reduce the burden, costs and time for LEA, AEA, DE and others.  In addition, the DE is responding to requests from AEAs and LEAs for several years for simpler or consolidated plans.

What plans are included?
The five plans that have been identified for inclusion:
·       The Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)
·       Annual Progress Report (APR)
·       Iowa Core Implementation Plan
·       District Developed Service Delivery Plan (DDSDP)
·       Schools In Need of Assistance/Districts in need of Assistance (SINA/DINA) Plan

Additional plans will be considered for inclusion at a future date.

Who’s involved at the DE? 
This project enjoys the support and involvement of many people at the DE.  In addition a C-plan project team has been created to facilitate the organization of the project they include:
·       Del Hoover (Accreditation and Improvement Services)
·       Karla Day (Teaching and Learning Services)
·       Janell Brandhorst (Student and Family Support Services)
·       Isaiah McGee (Accreditation and Improvement Services)
·       Holly Barnes (Accreditation and Improvement Services)
·       Lisa Albers (Media and Communications Services)
·       Jaci Bodensteiner (Information and Analysis Services)
·       Ciji Alias (Information and Analysis Services)
·       Judy Russell (Early Childhood Services)
·       Thomas Cooley (Adult, Career, and Community College Education)
·       Ellen McGinnis-Smith (Student and Family Support Services)
·       Cindy Butler (Accreditation and Improvement Services)
·       Sharon Hawthorne (Student and Family Support Services)

When will it be completed?
The team has been working an aggressive timeline for project completion. Initial work has included defining the cycle of plans, reviewing existing systems, and determining key stakeholders. A mock up will be shared with various stakeholders (DE, AEAs, LEAs, etc.) for feedback at the end of the year.  The C-plan will be ready for use in the summer of 2012 and will be required for schools and districts to use for the 2012-2013 school year.


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