14 December 2011

More Than Just a Report Card

K-5 elementary teachers in FCSD continue to work on their standards-based practices.  Ask any one of them; this is definitely more than just a report card revision. 
This shift has required teacher change on a variety of levels, from interpretation of the intent of each benchmark for assessment construction to more specific communication with parents.  Fairfield teachers have risen to the occasion, and I could not be more proud  or respectful of their involvement in this process.
This professional learning has a direct correlation to student achievement; the professional learning IS  the work teachers need to do for students.  
Parental feedback gathered on November 19, 2011 indicated details about which parents were concerned.  Lack of papers being sent home and no connection to the online parent portal were two of the most common points.  Another concern was a lack of consistency with interpretation of a “5” score.  Although the report cards have been issued for quarter 1, the work and learning is far from done.  Next steps in this standards-based journey include tying practices more closely to Infinite Campus, our student information system; developing alignment between special education evaluation and reporting; and establishing district grade level reporting, and a comprehensive assessment plan complete with cut scores and archival of assessment purpose.
A copy of  the parent informational letter sent earlier this fall can be accessed online at: http://www.fairfieldsfuture.org under the “Curriculum” tab.

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