16 December 2011

Differentiated Instruction through Technology

If you have ever had a cell phone, a laptop, or a computer, you know what I am talking about.  It is difficult to keep children’s hand off technological devices. Kids LOVE technology!
Under the leadership of Tina Breen, FMS and Fairfield elementary teachers are working very hard to effectively integrate technology into the classrooms. The district goal in this arena is to most effectively align intervention and enrichment software and 2.0 technologies with student learning.  An example of effective technology integration is elementary classroom teacher use of RAZ Kids, an online reading program that assists students in progressing from their current reading level to the next.  It requires students to master reading comprehension and improve upon fluency before “graduating to the next level”.  If you would like to see one of many teachers who are incorporating technology into student learning, check out Shelley Carter’s blog at: http://carterseondgrade.blogspot.com/

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