19 December 2011

Iowa Tests Form E

The 2011-12 school year marks the first time Iowa School districts will administer Form E of the Iowa Tests to students in grades 2-11.  For many, that fact raises several questions.  Can we still compare district progress from year to year?  What are the implications for NCLB? How will I continue to track my student's growth over time?  What are we losing in this switch?  Why on earth did "they" make such drastic revisions? Here are a few talking points that will help people manage the change:
  • student reports will contain the same metrics-national percentile rank and national standard score; we will retain our historical trend data
  • because this is the first year of form E test administration, there will be no Iowa percentile rank or Iowa standard score
  • student growth from "old" forms to form E have been accounted for; growth analysis from last year to this year can still occur
  • form E is aligned to the Iowa Core, our state-mandated curriculum in the areas of mathematics, social sciences, science, and reading, writing, and language arts
  • the newly revised Iowa tests will provide one data point within a balanced assessment system that shows how FCSD students are performing in relation to essential grade level concepts and skills
  • proficiency will remain the term that describes students who score at or above the 41st percentile

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