16 December 2011

Measures of Academic Progress: MAP

One requirement tied to the state of Iowa’s Microsoft Settlement Claim is for participating school districts to implement a new standardized assessment in addition to currently administered standardized assessments. 
FCSD chose the MAP assessments from NWEA.  These assessments were selected because of the wealth of information provided to classroom teachers in a value-added fashion. Value added means that there are multiple administrations (3) throughout the course of a school year, which provide teachers with data that measures annual student growth. The MAP assessments are aligned with the Iowa Core and report data in an “Iowa Core” fashion. This fall, FCSD assessed students in the areas of reading and mathematics in grades 4, 8, and 10.  Students will be assessed again in the winter and spring.There are future plans to expand the grade levels tested beyond the scope of Fairfield’s Microsoft Projects, but we are starting small due to cost. Through the Microsoft Settlement Claim, the following resources were purchased:
· MAP Assessments
· Gr. 10 Language Arts Laptop Cart
· K-8 Reading/Mathematics Intervention Software
· Student Information Systems Costs: Infinite Campus/Tableau
· Grade 4  Laptops
· FMS Computer Lab

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